Accepting your Physical Flaws

When it comes to the way we look, too many of us focus on what we don’t like about our physical forms, such as a rough face, a straight figure, a dark skin, or a scarred body; and we often allow our obsession to raise a comparison between us and the front cover magazine model.

Never assume for a moment that this is just a female thing; because more and more males are feeling the need to search for perfection as well.

But, Like it or not, we’re all flawed. Not a single one of us is perfect. And that’s one of the great things about life. We all have so many wonderful things to offer – and, yet, we’re might appear not always so wonderful.

Yet, the following tips will make you accept your physical flaws…

Tip #1

See them for what they are

When we come to understand that the things we hate about ourselves are complexes, and not actual facts, embracing and learning to work with them becomes so easy that we tend to take out the steam of the negativity that accompanies the flaw.

Tip #2

See how to Improve the Flaw into a Strength

Instead of focusing on the negativity of your flaw, see what positivity they bring. For example, If your struggle with an acne face is making you so reserved and quiet, flip on the other side and learn to be more of an excellent listener or a keen observer. Thus, giving u character that is unique and valuable to those around you.

Tip #3

Understand that we ain’t all perfect

The celebrities we often times compare ourselves with; literally have cooks, personal trainers, or have done some plastic surgery that makes them look all put together; that by the time they grace the magazine covers, they might have had tons of Photoshop…

So why are we comparing ourselves to a beauty standard that does not exist?

Why can’t we just love our self as we are?

Your Opinion of “YOU” Is all that matters, because everyone has flaws, but instead of running from them; believe “that your imperfections are what make you perfect”.


When your urge for self-improvement on your physical flaw turns a little mean and destructive…then you have to learn to accept them

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