Overcoming “Owambe” Spending Addiction

We are Nigerians and “Owambe” is one thing we love; whether the economy is in shambles or not… Nigerians will always have a reason to throw a party especially our Yoruba people…

Owambe” in Nigeria today has become a place of fashion sensation, an open place where people go to show off their styles, creativity skill, face beats and fashion sense; and it’s also a place to learn and pick new fashion trends.

Most often you think you have the best style or creativity because you’ve spent so much on looking your best. But, you get to the venue and spot even “cooler styles“… And you begin thinking of the next style you would sew with your next “Aso-ebi”…

But the moment when an Ample part of your money is always channeled into the ever-increasing number of “Aso-Ebi” to purchase for the next “owambe“…
How do you then Manage your Money well?


Budgeting is an effective way of saving because it involves thinking of how to spend and save your money after your salary has been paid.
Also, realize that creating a budget and living with it doesn’t have to be so restrictive, Nor does it mean a complete end to all spending or having fun… In fact, a well-prepared budget will have certain “treats” built into it. Just ensure you plan how you spend from the beginning of the month with a higher focus on your needs and not your wants.

Only Buy “Aso-Ebi” of Close Friends

Its normal that everyone wants to feel among when out on an occassion, And “Aso-ebi” does that well, but it shouldn’t be at the detriment of overspending your money on everybody’s event. Instead, plan to purchase that of only close friends and relatives that you think matter, It would really help you.

Get your Accessories in colors that blend easily

Since the role of accessories cannot be downplayed, then it means for your different colors of “Aso-ebi”, you could play around colors like Gold, Silver, Nude, Teal, Wine…e.t.c, So that you would still be on budget while slaying effortlessly with your accessories.

“Owambe” is not something that would go out of trend soon. So, its wise you learn how to take control of your spending in attending anyone with “Aso-Ebi”


Be wise!!!

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