Fashion is not a complication as many see it, it is rather a means of indirectly making a statement without actually saying a word,

Fashion is not gender biased

Even men too should pay attention to the fashion item they put on.



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Fashion Faux Pas - Cover
Fashion Faux Pas
Have you ever heard of the phrase: “FASHION FAUX PAS”? If you’ve not, then we’ve come to introduce you to
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neckline cloth
Do you know that you can use different types of necklines to craft any kind of look that you want
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beautiful flared sleeves
Beauty of Sleeves
How important is sleeve to a cloth…someone may ask?… Oftentimes we come up with a new style, but its just
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Pink color shades
Colors and their shades
Have you ever heard people argue on subjects like; It’s “lilac”, not light purple. it’s “magenta”, not dark pink… Its
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Confidence in dressing
Power of Confidence
Try to remember an occasion when you felt great in what you wore…When you looked at yourself in the mirror
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Too tight fit
Essence of Fit
Do you know that your appearance; whether sharp and confident, relaxed and cool – is often reduced to the fit
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Fashion Tips at your finger tip, Stay Tuned.

Getting detailed knowledge about fashion is a skill which many people don't bother about due to lack of interest, but it's not just about whether you are interested or not, our outlook goes a long way to define us.

The time will come when we need to arise and face our world, we'll surely need to look our best, so Fashion matters gives you the needed detail you need to look your best.

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