Ready-to-wear cloth vs. Made-to-measure cloth

Ready-to-wear is the term for factory-made clothing, which are sold in finished condition with standardized sizes, standard patterns, factory equipment, and faster construction techniques that are used in making them cost effective. They are majorly found in boutiques and Clothing stores.

Made-to-Measure refers to custom-made clothing that are cut and sewn using basic pattern to fit each customer individually based on a few of their body measurements.

There is no doubt that the fashion industry these days; which frequently uses popular labels like “Zara” and “Ralph Lauren” e.t.c, to push clothing products are now shifting their focus to a more personalized, customized and individualized items of upcoming made-to-measure designers who seem to be paving their way in the bespoke tailoring…

So, one would ask; “what is making the Made-to-Measure Market more superior than the Ready-to-Wear Market?”…

Its simple!

New Fashion Taste

The advent of young fashionpreneur everywhere has brought more life, creativity and options to the fashion industry, making client want to be more involved in the way their cloth is designed… In which, these isn’t available in the Ready-to- wear stores because the clothes are all Ready-made.


Custom-made clothing that fits well provides unprecedented comfort, allowing clients to get on with the day without feeling restricted and uncomfortable because their clothes are gotten from the Made-to-Measure bespoke tailor, who makes cloth specifically with their body measurement.

Fashion Illusion

As amazing as these may sound;…it is a major factor that has made client drift more to the Made-to- Measure Market, because; it has the ability to create illusions of being slimmer, taller and curvier to the clients via the style of clothes they pick for the bespoke tailor…in which its not available in the Ready-to-Wear Market.

But yet, Regardless of the movement in the fashion Industry favoring the Made-to- Measure Market… Just ensure that which ever you pick out of these markets to purchase your cloth; Readily projects your Style to your World…

We care…

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